Netflix not.

I did have documented evidence of hacking into my mobile connection resulting in a 578Mb Netflix download that I didn’t do on around 26.06.18. Not a big deal, but it used up all my data resulting in excess data fees using up all my call credit. The actual cost was only around $13. It was just one of many annoying little incidents that day and most days.

The next day I checked the Optus usage record and there was a 578Mb Netflix download, but then when I went to the Netflix record I found that there was no corresponding download recorded there. Other records of downloads around that time had a mention in both Optus and Netflix accounts. This confirmed my perception that something odd had happened. I had checked earlier that day to make certain I was not going to run out of data credit and then suddenly it was all gone without much use of the service. I did go to Netflix briefly though.

I suppose the technical explanation for such an event would be something like ‘computer glitch’, but I would prefer ‘connection hacked’. How else could it be explained? That would be more consistent with a following event – The copies I made of both Optus and Netflix records disappeared from my desk. The Optus one can’t be replaced as I only have access to four days of the record and didn’t get back to it in time.


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