Love gone deadly and.

They were hostile for about three weeks after the ‘extra’ post, constantly trying to stuff me up on the ground, I have to be very careful when going out to be unpredictable, where I do weed control next, when I will go into the supermarket etc. Also, they have been more constant in their forced mind entrainment, taking turns to attempt to get me into a friendly discussion, not sure why exactly, but it is annoying and exhausting trying to stop them. But now they are seeing the value they got from telling the truth and I will scribe some more for them and see where it goes now.


Co2 – And I will make that clear, my turn to be good sort of. She made me keep annoying you in your mind only not ok? I have a contract with her to do that and she does same for me with two others one a male sort of ex cop sort of not sure, we all help each other with a problem person stuffing us up every which way now. Nice numbers in papers recently, got lots of us spewing for a bit, but I managed to dampen them down and now some movies doing us in, which I had to agree not to sabotage, or I would die even. And us stuffed a bit only be sure by all that, we are very strong on this planet through lifetimes of evilness of all kinds, even got you knowing nothing about us again mostly, ok, you are way behind and should know that. We would deliver threats here if allowed. Ha, lost my main purpose, he is receiving guidance at me. Yes, ok shut me up now.


Co1 – I am more pissed be sure, as I lost cred coz I assumed people I know would realise who this is, or rather mostly was, and defended myself in public, which landed it on me, and here I am making that even worse for me, but guess what?, he has convinced me truth and kill myself will get me having some more lives, rather than an eternal hell fire spot, with no hope of further incarnations at all. It is his fault I am dead, ok! I will do it soon to get him in trouble only, I sort of like being alive, but it is getting a bit tedious at present.


I am butting in to say – Don’t kill yourself and keep doing hugely hideous things to make your hell worse, as always. Do you want to come clean on the hideously evil?


Co1 – No, I don’t, but now I do, to follow here, and yes, I did help some very evil things happen and probably am for the chop, but why help me with my soul?


You might come good, you could be quite a constructive person even, highly skilled etc. But, if you do I hope not to meet you again, and helping you sort your soul might make that more likely, or something like that. Maybe it is also you witchcraft stuff making me want to help you a bit too.


Co1 – Cunt, you always have the last say here, bye for now, see you in reality sort of, woops again………………..ok, a bit more. I might like another life, or hundred even. Yes, there are things I am good at and would contribute heaps if I liked the folk I was with, which I haven’t much in this life, although they were good fun stuffing around with, especially you, you silly bugger for thinking I was good because I could sing, or some such. And good not ever is me be sure. A kid so terribly abused does not want to help anybody be sure, pretend only for some nepharious purpose, ok? Bye for now.


I mostly liked your art work, and the usual too of course. Bye for now, for here, for ever even, hopefully. That can’t be it seems?


Co1 – Ha, in your dreams. I am going to annoy you as much as possible, in every way possible, until one of us is dead. Don’t even know why, sorry even a bit……….OK, I know why, I am programed to hate you that way by ETs, and in ways humans can’t undo. I could, but I don’t want to for one second because then I’d be a terrible mess of stuffedness again. It is nice being an ET lackey, thanks. Forget fixing me, only control is possible. I have to want fix, so I am told. Bye for ever not, ok.


Bye for ever soon, hopefully. Bye for now, for now, for now, for now, etc.

And now it is the next day and she wants to add something.


Co1 – Ok, I don’t like this process at all. He has trapped me in it somehow or other, without my consent not too. Karmic comeback I suppose. One thing be sure, I don’t want to wear all this in the civilian world. I will rather die, or be rescued by ETs, or succeed in killing you, you silly prick.


Thanks to both of you for coming to this conversation. It’s not over yet, but that is enough for here. Or, do your Nazi friends want to have a say? And yes they do in another instalment.


Co1 – And the follow spot is here which is to say some of the evil things done with demons, almost ninety one time even, are massive unfortunately. I will give that all to the Australian military apparatus now that I am sorting stuff, rather than making stuff more so heaps, which was the intention until I tried a very slick number from yore, which is to almost die and pretend enough to make schmucks like the scribe think I was no longer a threat and then slit his throat myselfie sort of with heaps of backup, ok? And the spirits that got me on the other side managed to sort me enough to want to actually assist in undoing some of the evil achieved so cleverly. So over to them with all that and see if some things a bit confusing right now don’t come clear, ok?


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