Their Nazi friends.

The Nazis mentioned in the previous post want to clarify their involvement with the two dykes. They also have my mind permanently entrained and claim to be the ones who did the brain implant that initially facilitated this dire situation changing my life completely.


Nazis – That is true although one of the dykes was outside in the car with a gun to kill the two who did it, if they didn’t, by arrangement not force at all, a little trick to make sure we all owned the act…………And I realized some time after saying that, that she whispered me into wanting to have a contract with her for me during that implantation to do other things to his nibsie here, and that is what I did to the horror of my companions who put me in prison for a bit in our world that is, Nazi prison to be specific and under the ice with bears for a bit was the result, clean up all that mess thanks. It took me two years with two others similarly positioned out of our line of work doing the implants at the time. And the reason was in order to get some of the dykie types into the show of it, who did a few other things to some blokes for a bit, a bit of dismembering mainly. So that is why some have woken up without a willy, ok. We would not have put that in the procedure for one moment as it screws with a person’s mind too much and then the experimental side is all out of wack. And one of the two mentioned is still doing the latter only just for revenge she calls it, but she does bottle them and sell them to top dykes who play with them, the preservative being the main problem. And just to be clear with the one scribing, mostly the things I did to you were putting some hash in your tool kit for sowing, and which you did imbibe thinking it was something you had from the old days kept by accident, and which contained a whole concoction of nasty other stuff which nearly killed you for five years about, and the other thing was something under your tongue to cripple you in about two years, and which we made her undo herself, only temporary things is what we were doing to TIs then as that is the experiment of it, to see what things do to people in different circumstances, all with total social control in mind in the end game of this event we are all stuck in on this planet now. We would rather be elsewhere, but our ET friends, sort of not at all really, say it is so, which is do or die for us unfortunately unless their minds can be changed and then we are off elsewhere real fast, don’t like this time at all, ok. And she is very angry I mentioned that because she is now known for sure by high ups watching this, as they saw who was in the car shouldn’t have been, as she also wanted the implantation to be done properly in order to share his mind for a while to find out his connectedness to bolshies and commies in the place he was living, which was actually zero as he was not fully with them in another place just saying hello for a bit working out what he thought something had to be different sort of person, ok.

Ok, the other thing we want to say is that our ETs are ok with this so far, but do not want us helping the TI involved get even with the two dykes mentioned, which would almost be impossible they have done so much to him, as they like the overall effect now with him, he is isolated and lonely and deserves that for stuffing up their experiment or something, my lover boy here is not sure exactly, ok! We don’t like being put on the spot here and so the scribe has been instructed to not pester us into giving away too much which he intended to as he did to the two silly women he mentioned, who both are squirming somewhat now.

Ok, we have one more thing to add before we give the silly bugger scribing one chance for a sensible question. It is how we got involved with the two dykes in the first instance. We sabotaged an event they had planned with many followers of their brand of feminism by drugging one at pmt time which she was only just going to cope with already, but thought she could better than was realistic. It made the dis effect way greater than it would be and she shot and killed someone in the audience. This happened while on tour in a country that does not want to remember that incident thanks, to difficult entirely being the reason. That caused the two mentioned, who were really four mostly, to lose their spot of glory very quickly, as they should not have had her on stage in that state if she was so hopeless at it, which many are in reality, but that was way too over the top. So her fall from grace had to be sorted in order to continue functioning at all it seemed to her and she fixes that through summoning demons of any kind who wanted her as an ally. The result was a women of enormous power who could not hold a meeting without being ridiculed at first, but she managed to find ways around that diabolical in the extreme. It was our doing really but she has to wear it. Ok, your question if you want.


Was that result what you were intending when drugging her?


Nazis – Ha Ha, good question not going to be answered. I will say though that when we do things like that we have many possible outcomes in mind, and that was one of them not. But, we can’t say yet whether it was or will be acceptable even, bit of a shemozzle of a result right now. We are on the mat for many things on this planet, that is a minor one be sure, just a few lives disrupted plus heaps we would rather not mention.


Co1 wants to have a say.


Co1 – Ok, I have to admit why the Nazis afore mentioned wanted to pull such a stunt on our effort overseas, also mentioned. Firstly, I was in love with two of them and secondly so was my co mumsie sort of. We had a silly triste a few times and I decided to finish all that by poisoning the two blokes who then did that dirty deed on us. I gave them something nasty that knocked out their genitals for a bit – no functioning whatsoever, and also told them it was permanent as could have been done, but I balked at that one, and sort of said I really wanted to or some such madness and anyways before I got to clear that up they struck back changing many lives in the process. I am the primary miscreant in the whole shemozzle I am glad to say as that gets me gone from this silly planet for good. I keep stuffing up here and now I am going where everyone does that all the time so that makes more sense not really but anyway no choice now is what I have for the next ninety-four lives his God illusion not really tells me, if I am lucky enough to avoid the chamber of soul elimination, which coming clean here does something to make less likely apparently. Ok, done like a dinner I suppose, but I will try and make it worse for myself if possible for some silly reason. And thanks for the opportunity to come clean. It feels better that way.



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