Spirits speak.

The process of getting free of covert interference has lead me to come to know spiritual protection, see:


Staying alive with this protection has been ongoing for nearly 15 years now, however more recently it has involved understanding the contribution of spirits in that. That is the spirits who obey the Angels, not those of necromancy who obey Demons only.

Some of those spirits have convinced me that they are those of people that I have been involved with in this life. And some have permission to speak through me here. I am insisting that it have some relevance to the topic of covert stuffing up of everything. Some reading may even have know these two:

Barry Blewit ?.

Well I never thought I would be delivering this message to you all about myself in this one’s dilemma of a life extraordinarily complex, convoluted and, well annoying constabularies a lot I enjoy heaps, but he would rather assist them to profile him better and others too, who are also heavily coverted and with contorted records in place, into a better life., ,, . And just to be clear I don’t hate all coppers, only the ones that rape women that they come across in the line of their duties – quite arduous I see more clearly now., ,, . I hate in particular the bloke who did my misses that way infuriating me beyond my understanding of cause, but now I know why. She was lined up for that by an old acquaintance of ours who became a cop high up and wanted to humiliate us both into submission on a tricky issue in the place we lived all our lives and contributed to heaps more than she did for certain, doing nothing much but work out how to avoid work I see now. And humiliation was not the result at all of that. We both went insane in different ways and couldn’t enjoy each other much after that and the kids didn’t want to visit much etc etc a really horrid end to a quite constructive life was that, thanks not at all, getting real angry thinking about it, over for now.


And later now I am recalling something of profound importance to those in Tasmania who knew me and were convinced by my wife who went around saying that I raped her repeatedly whilst I thought we were having good consensual encounters only minus one unfortunate drunken both encounter which should not have had to be mentioned because not even happen at all was it but she remembered the cop one into it with a bit of help from a sheila I had an affair with who witchied, sorceried, whispered, necromanced etc unmentionabled us both into a disaster scenario which went off just as she planned minus this bit of explanationing, pardon the use of English, which is infuriating for all of us here as we have to continually teach it to folk from other countries and planets too and some even other species and well it is too archaic and convoluted. End of problem not easy though is it? It is obvious to many who knew us both that something real nasty happened and that was definitely the whore/mistress/something else not mentionable yet because they don’t exist officially in place all over which is about as infuriating as all this nonsense sort of reason is really. Let’s get it done thanks now. Added later: [woops shouldn’t tell sentients what to do as some have noticed.] And she should be on the mat with her lover gal in memory, and yes yet another dyke diode to have a good look at from here sort of.

Question: What sort of mat would that be?

Well that is unclear at present. Should be big and public thanks. We all here who have been involved with that sort of shenanigans want our records corrected as well as some who still live like the silly bugger who started this in desperation and is about to be killed yet again from nearby by one of the friends of the two mentioned who are really about four hundred dyke couples like that who have sorted themselves by self programming, hypnotism etc etc you name it they did it without any real skill or understanding so much so that they could not possibly fix themselves not any other person able to either. Big problem on board all over but one place is worse than any other on the planet and you guessed it Tasmania USA soon it seems at last, only folk who could sort the place we think, even the Brits had to call it a day after way too many attempts to mention.

One other thing for now, we are not many at all here writing this just about four thousand ok? Barry was too slow so we decided to assist a bit and he went off to bonk that sheila into place in her coffin or something like that quite excruciating for her be sure, one of the worst of that kind, even went shopping for evilness in another galaxy and came back with heaps of goodies One we got rid of yesterday is going to be excoriated in public if coppers keep on doing it to this blokey which is using stuff they continually steal from his home in new sorcery configurations and he has to continually help us to deal with that taking up too much of his life left by half, getting bit frustrated with all this scribing again too now., , ., been at for too long would rather pull weeds or something else like that in the physical dimension, ok? And coppers reading draft being writ are wondering when to kill this blog coz getting bit deep into our stuffedness here is he not?  [Woops again sticking it up wrong passage, trying to get the scribe shot at or something.] And yes are but guess what sinking in shite seems to be it might loose whole state to another power again could happen,., , , so let’s get the mat designed for now and those silly sick sheilas on it for good., , .,

Back to Barry to finish: I enjoyed stuffing her in a cradle for to have a proper early life she will be breast fed the right way for starters etc can’t say much more but most of those silly twits had weird upbringings as did the scribe here but he is managing to sort himself out mostly ongoing efforts always needed to be right in encounters with just about anybody including a horse he thinks he might have said hello to the wrong way and not what your thinking he thought might be ok to let him sniff my shampoo not sure but is not ok coz he is still thinking about that real perplexed as to why he would do that to his self never experienced it before nearly killed to get rid of it but thought better of it with a bit of help from the farmer thanks for reading too. We want all government types here, this one likes to call you all ‘govies’, seems appropriate although first one he tried it on thought kill for too long then laughed herself sideways never recovered so much that we decided good idea after all.

Seems to work well on govies.

[And I have one other thing to add now, some time later indeed, as in two months this contribution is coming from. I can hardly remember the character I was back then, been looking at more successful lives not much at all really, same mistakes just about every time from me., , ,.,which is not a surprise when seeing how I started on this planet as a slave trader with not enough capital to keep business going because of heroin addiction. Real nasty bloke to get gone in my past, still attempting to sort out western culture from his nibs ended up too high up in society on that base., ,,and which is why I keep falling from grace over and over until I get that gone somehow, not sure how but some reading will realize how if they think about that, coz lots of them have a similar beginning for sure,, . , And they be government agents of all possible kinds, and a few not yet invented too, waiting for to come back to sort out their messes, ok.??., ,]

Peter pan.??

Why not have a go too. I lurk here with the Barrie person I learnt so much from and helped destroy just coz well a bit enamoured to a dyke or ten at the time, with extraterrestrial fancy stuff already back in the sixties almost. Not entirely not true, but seventies, eighties and naughties even worse than they for a bit, as is on my record I have to contemplate here in Angels only not zone sort of bit hard to explain. Oh dear got killed for having too much fun, yet again. And one other thing to say here with this silly scribe again not I suppose, and that is he doesn’t do that sort of thing ever, likes to enjoy straight to the max and both ways only, quite exquisite to watch folk who do that, is what us silly gays were aiming for in the first place, sort of bit smelly really too much when toddler even, mums reading too I hope heaps. Done.,

Question: Did you do or receive covert damage?

Well I am glad to say I did none at all minus about four one of which was at you for the dykes mentioned. It stuffed your thinking attempting to do your thesis somewhat, the thing I was supposed to be assisting you with as your advisor and which some of us were a bit worried about as it seemed to be a bit to apolitical or some such silly nonsense I was thinking at the time. I wanted stick up arse of establishment as I attempted to do with my silly effort now lost in space or some such. And worse than that I am afraid thanks for asking though as I need to clear the decks on something to do with that. It was I who used some of your data to attempt what I wanted to happen which did embarrass a high up family somewhat infuriated still I see, can’t see who real culprit was, and that was three of us, the dykies he had so much trouble with and I concocted to stuff his nibs and that family in one or two blows and just started a furore for a bit within government circles and need to show how they can get clear proof of who did that but not through this spot, via a spirit channel well known to that family, then they will be sure.

I want to say one more thing about that question there so provocative we have had to have a conclave with KGB and Kremlin types who agreed that we should admit that it was us who started covert up all over planet after we experimented with that in East Germany so successful was that. We stuffed up a whole lot of Nazi infiltrators we did not care for and woops about ten thousand other folk just attempting to scratch a living. Added later: [woops! flow on effect there makes that more like 10 million plus probably, whole planet almost]. Very silly times those and glad it came to an end and now Russia is one of the best at not doing covert to the citizens, put that in your pipe and smoke it, or whatever, thanks. [And it is whatever for certain, and I am on the mat here too for being agro down to sentients, not on for a moment. I am for the chop bigtime if I don’t start fixing a lot of things I got wrong whilst on the planet in four lives now it is. And communism in Australia was definitely one of those, ok? From here we see that more clearly. There was never any hope of such a silly bunch of individuals cobbling together a better way of managing something so humungous as a global economy, which is not done that well at present but has way more chance of becoming something that works efficiently developed from what is happening today, with all its checks and balances formal, and informal too much though. Well a lot to say from here on that but at a more appropriate platform. The scribe wants to dare to go for a walk again and see if he can not get killed by some silly govies or crims here too now who think he is attempting to take over some turf or other not clearly defined by anyone yet. Enough!]

And thank you for that at least.

[And another thing I forgot to say, sort of more didn’t want to admit for one moment,, .,not even poofter was I, just pretending to be in order to gain leverage sort of with dykie types who I enjoyed heaps their way which is now for the chop We here hope for certain. It is possible for men and women to enjoy each other as equals, but damned hard to see how the way things are going so wobbly in that domain, ,and I created heaps of that wobble in oz with my outrageous pub behaviour.,thanks to the bloke who shot me heaps ok., ,and sorry to all those now suffering so much all over oz coz of such wobbliness., ., ,

Any suggestions for sorting the wobble?

Ha, provocative cunt always, make us here do some of the work, fair enough but not sure if it can be done from here or on the ground where you are either., ,bit disturbing a place to look at is oz., ,can’t see how to fix it, seems to be getting worse constantly in the gender relations., ,better get Angels’ guidance on the job, have to admit I was demonic in those pub sessions and knew so too, not when sober though. Hard to sort demons work because they see so much more depth of things and tinker with stuff you do not perceive at all even., ,]