Nazis more?

The Nazis want to say more in the interests of clarity.

Ok, we certainly do because many of you think that we are just a throwback or remnant of WW2 Nazism, which we certainly are not. That is there too only in the interests of testing your reactions and acceptance of our presence again. We are new entirely and likely to get just as many followers again plus some, having learnt a lot from that previous effort huge in proportions all.

Secondly, we do not like humanity at all, not one of us. The reason being that we are programed to dislike you at best, so don’t try and appease us, wont work.

Could you undo that programing?

“Ha, questions not expected in it now. No comment………………….Ok, he has convinced me good to answer question in the interests of that clarity he thinks might help get rid of us, but we think will help us win the planet, so let’s see who is right coming up. We will keep trying till our last gasp, forget attempts to get us to change our minds or behave how you want us to, ok – no hope at all, his nibs here has found that out but keeps on thinking there must be a way, probably because there usually is for human miscreants, we are not like that at all.”

I do get that now, but there is always the hope that you might do something to help us in order to save your souls, is there not?

Yes, some have even done that to us. A particular women you worked on heaps did a corker from the other side even, stuffed us into another trajectory we did not want at all, which is still better than the one she had us in whilst alive, wait and see game now.”

I have some others present in my mind here. The humans amongst them think that clarity will help get the Nazis gone. Others I believe to be Angels say clarity – only might do so, as it is quite a complicated moment and the Nazis and their ET supporters, bosses really, know all the possibilities in this time extremely well, and humans do not know much at all about all that, as it has played out in this and other galaxies for millennia. They say that we can only get through this by listening to their guidance. Seems so to me too, but don’t get it only through this channel, find those amongst you with the time and other requirements to do some. Spread it around as much as possible and share where appropriate.

“Ha! Knew if this got into conversational mode I would feel weird for a while, and then thankful, then regretful, then weird again, etc, on and on, better submit for a bit in case that makes sense in the end, which it did earlier on.

And one or two other things to mention. We do not hate humans that much but might have to exterminate the lot of you if commanded to do so, or die trying, which is close to today’s settings, so that sort of dovetails into what the Angels said, does it not? And we think you win by a whisker and even hope that is the case, and we come back again all together in another life and take you by surprise, beats living underground.”

Do you know anything about the thin orange scorpion that I saw beside my bush dunny, and which doesn’t appear in Google/images of scorpions?

Yes, and about twenty odd other nasty insecties plus that we added to the mix, here in Tas, just because we got angry, not really at all. It was to sort out the tough from the weak, in order to have only tough people in the fight for the place, which we intend to win still, ok? We get it briefly from time to time, and want it heaps as it makes a good command centre from which to control the entire planet even.”

There might be another truer reason, or eight, might there not?

Ha! Yes, seven or eight, see if you can guess them.

And we just want to get clear why we are so intolerable to humans. It is not that we hate you that much, you can be good fun and even good at sciences etc that we introduced to you, incidentally. Also, some of your women, and blokeys too for some of us, are quite delectable, bit nicer than our scroungie buggers, all suffering from doing too many evil things to you lot. And so we would leave this planet with a sense of loss, and well also might kill the lot of you just to not feel wrong, or some such silliness. So, we will attempt to establish some decorum with regards our future here. But, it will take co-operation from humans to achieve that and most will not want that much as we have told so many lies so far, plus much really, and will continue to do so also. But hey, you have to learn how to get to the bottom of things just like we have had to with the silly bugger ETs we sort of serve. “

I am having to stop there as it has been revealed that that is all a bit of a cover for something way bigger and more destructive – suicide bombers, or something like that all over. And so the spiritual question might be: Where do suicide bombers go when they die?

Bugger you, I do know too. A purgatory space where they lurch around endlessly trying to escape but never can until all those who have suffered at their hands have recovered their path in life, which could be forever. Been there on a trip you might say, and asked a few questions figured that out myself.”

How many among you would have that view?

Not enough, illusion shattered, you are getting too good at this, not getting my agenda served, bye.”

Your not actually going to go though are you?

Hanging on to you till the end seems to be it. The end means us victorious and you all dead, or some other thing you silly buggers come up with, yet again.”

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