Spiritual Protection.

This page is not for everyone, it’s for those who believe in Angels, God, Supreme Being, Helpful Spirits, Spirits of Elders, Garden Gnomes, or whatever other spiritual protectors. This is the story of how I came to be channelling what I believe to be Angel’s guidance in order to get me through the constant covert attacks that a TI experiences.
When I was about 12 years old I was walking with my dog where I shouldn’t have been along a spillway of a large reservoir. The dog didn’t understand a spillway at all and ended up slipping in. It seemed that there was no way to get him out and that he would drown when exhausted. However, a big inner voice said “Call him to swim to the other end.” and I did, and he responded. There was a spot there where he could easily get out and was saved. That voice I have come to believe was that of an Angel. I have memory of similar experiences in crisis moments ever since, such as about to walk on a snake, or the breaks in the car suddenly failing. Even hardened atheists will pray for help in such moments. They must sense that assistance is possibly there. In those instances I didn’t walk on the snake, and at the last second in busy traffic saw a driveway I could go up to stop the car.
So, I believe that some higher power has been assisting me, and more so than ever since 2004, which was when a profound change happened. Since then it has been a continuous and transformative intervention in my life. At that time it was a life under constant covert attacks – biologicals, chemicals, drugs, EM beams etc etc. I was doing my best to cope and make constructive contributions to the greater good where possible. It was a half life at best though, and when I started attempting to make people aware of MKULTRA style attacks and experiments still happening, by writing letters to editors and the entire Australian House of Representatives even, the covert attacks became far more intense.
It was at that point, when all seemed pointless and hopeless, just coping with one assault after another, that this higher power took over my life. They, who I believe to be Angesl, gave me clear continuous guidance on how I could counter all that and transform my life. So, it became things like – “look at your caravans breaks” and there I found a piece of hardened steel which had been set to cause an accident. Unfortunately that bit of information was received after that item had caused an accident and my quite good car written off. And it was messages such as “clear the air in your van before going in”, or “build this shielding helmet to save your brain whilst under EM assaults”, and about a thousand other similar instructions.

The assailants became more and more determined to break my growing protection. It was more than a full-time job, up all night many times, but life did eventually improve. I wasn’t completely ‘saved’ though, and to this day still am not. However, I am more effectively working on what I have to do to help with understanding the source of all this fancy covert activity, which has been explained to me as done by Nazis surviving underground since WW2, and still attempting to take over the planet. A far greater power than the more open neo-Nazis seen today. For me in this situation it has been better protection, but also much guidance on how to behave in order to improve that, and also how to work on the issue of raising the alarm about this covert program.

The same is available to anyone who wants to accept some basic guidelines for improving your protection. That applies to any aspect of life, but especially so in relation to dangerous activity, but also to important work. The sorts of things you have to do are:
– treat domesticated and wild animals with care.
care about your impacts on the environment and ecosystems.
look after your health and well-being to the best of your ability.
do your best to contribute to the local community, nation and planet.
look after the people in your life, especially children and the elderly.
deal with wealth appropriately.

– be good with sexuality.

etc etc.
If you are good in every day normal behaviour, then you will be better protected if you feel inclined to take time to study and intervene in some aspect of the growing problem of covert control methods, or any other dangerous work.
All that is not easy whilst under regular covert attacks, but my experience is that if you do your best you will get assistance. And something I have learnt the hard way – move as slowly as possible in potentially dangerous situations. For example: There had been a large number of covert things done to a space it was my job to clean at a place I lived. An Angel clearly told me that there was something in the air to be careful of, but I got in a rush and blundered in and almost immediately something strange happened to my left ear and it has been a problem ever since, with sharp pains, and tinnitus type ringing if water gets in there. I know another TI who had the same thing happen in one ear. Doctors do not know what it is, and drilled a hole in the eardrum and she became deaf in that ear. To them it was seen as a terrible infection that wouldn’t respond to antibiotics.
This sort of inner communication is not that uncommon. The Angels say that they talk to most children until the age of around 14 & 1/2, and will gladly communicate with adults over about 20 if they like the way that a person is behaving. If you are interested, start by asking for assistance with the minor details of health, diet, cleanliness, safety and bringing up of children, or whatever is a higher priority. You have to be patient as it is not an on demand service. Also, if you are asking the wrong question you will get nothing at all, most likely.
Another thing to mention is that after a few years of continual guidance for personal protection, I started to get information about issues of the day that I had been thinking about. So, I started to type it into a website thinking I was to be a public channel of Angel’s guidance. However, that soon became a complex and sometimes cryptic message to the worlds intelligence organisations, some of who just happened to be monitoring, as they still are today. We never had a civilian audience just a spook/cop audience it seems. About ten thousand words later, and hardly remembering any of it, the Angels instructed me to delete it all. Perhaps we can have a bit more hope for the future as a result, I’m not sure. Or maybe, I just went mad for about 6 years.
To finish, how do we discern when an inner voice is that of an Angel, rather than coming from one of the many other possible sources? The Angels list for that is: Demons, spirits, sentient beings such as humans, ghosts, other spirit world critters, and own imaginings. That discernment can be difficult, especially in trying circumstances. However, there is a subtly different quality with an Angel, a fuller more ‘with you’ presence when focusing on where the voice is coming from.
Always be very careful doing what an any inner voice says though, even including Angels, as Their agenda is not necessarily in line with humanity’s needs. They say serving the highest good has a complication for us. It is not necessarily the good of humanity. It is the highest good of the galaxy and this planet in particular. It is up to us to make sure that humanity is the best creature to be dominant here, and we are not doing so well at that. We need to try a lot harder. But, we do have it for the moment, otherwise we would have been wiped out by the Ebola viris, or some such.

There is just one thing to add, and that is the technique I was taught in order to learn the discernment mentioned. Ask the voice if it serves the highest good. If it says ‘yes’, ask again. The source will have difficulty lying twice. If the answer is ‘yes’, then ask a third time. Angels make lying a third time impossible. If you find that it has been the voice of some being impersonating an Angel, then you have a difficult problem that real Angels might decide to assist you with. You might find that you have to do something to earn their assistance though. Good luck with that.

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