In attempting to continue documenting evidence of covert targeting, I am feeling constrained by the belief, promoted by many of those who call themselves TIs, that our governments are behind it all. This may be the situation, but I don’t think we can be so certain of that. However, people have been claiming covert targeting for a very long time now, and governments have been conspicuously silent and non-responsive to requests for information and assistance. And at least two governments, East Germany- Zersetzung, USA-COINTELPRO, have had an official policy of covert control of dissidents and subversives – which methods of repressing political opponents have many similarities with what TIs describe as being done to them today. And there are claims that MKUltra type experiments on unwitting citizens may be continuing. Plus, evidence of advanced technologies, resulting from the various arms races that governments inevitably get involved in, and that might possibly be being used on TIs. It all does tend to lead to the conclusion that governments are involved in doing covert experimentation, and/or control methods on TIs.

There are problems with that conclusion though: 1. Many TIs are not involved in political activity. There seems no clear reason to target them as there is with countering subversion, which often might involve a hostile nation. 2. Experimentation is more likely a reason. Or some fancy form of social control perhaps. However, it seems that some people claiming covert targeting even work for the government. 3. Another explanation could be that methods, technologies etc developed arising from covert between nations, cultures, races, or civilisations, would inevitably tend to proliferate out and end up being used by other powers, individuals, and/or groups. 4. Or there may be a more scary possibility; other nations or major powers might have their own experiments, or covert control system directed at foreign citizens. Organised crime some believe to be doing that.

All we can say is that we don’t know who is behind these covert attacks that ruin our lives so effectively. Sometimes there is some connection to government though. In my stories there is: covert bad breath like that developed by the military; mail disappearing on its way to my PO Box; people attacking me who always know where I am despite moving around a lot; and, now diminishing, regular harassment on the roads and in the street etc. Whoever they are they are well organised.

So, it is not a far stretch to say that government would know something about what is going on with all this. And so far has said nothing about it at best and at worst is supporting a psychiatric diagnosis that labels a person schizophrenic if they think someone is doing covert stuff to them. How out of touch with reality can they be? Having that like that in a world where covert drugging in rape is common, and in which there are many types of surveillance technologies and directed energy weapons being created that can do things to people without the assailant being known.

Those claiming to be 24/7 TIs are many. Some indication is given by the Global TI Survey conducted by NSA whistle blowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe. It was not widely advertised, however 462 people from 43 nations found the 2hrs plus it took to fill in their questionnaire. Also, there are now regular protests in many major cities: Global Targeted Individual Protest on April 26 and 27, 2019

Also, other people and organizations, that do not claim to be covertly targeted, do seem to be. It would seem that this type of interference is happening in Australian politics. That is possibly why Mark Latham, about to become prime minister in 2004, got a rare disease at a crucial moment in his campaign. It is possibly why 16 women working around a current affairs desk at the ABC’s Brisbane studios got breast cancer. It is possibly why Peter Garrett, soon after getting elected to the Australian parliament in 2004, mysteriously collapsed in the surf and nearly drowned. It is possibly why immediately after the Australian Green Party got the numbers on the Byron Shire Council, the council’s computers went down for a week, a “glitch in the matrix” the techs said. Most of these events have a suspicious timing to them, nevertheless they get explained away as something normal. The breast cancers are thought to be caused by electromagnetic radiation in the building, and it is not until a whole new building is being built that a virus is found to be the cause. All this is surely anecdotal evidence of politics being done by covert means.

Another indication that covert is the way many things are done now comes from whistleblower Carl Clark, who worked for a number of secret service organizations between 1980 and 2003. These included CIA, Mossad and MI5. His job was the targeting of individuals. When he came out about his activities he was targeted himself for 3 years. In 2010 he says in an interview published in the German press:

“the undoubted goal is to have select people end up in psychiatric institutions. If a target seeks help by going to the police or to the doctor, they don’t get taken seriously……Diognostic directives permit a patient who feels persecuted or hears voices to be classified as schizophrenic.”

For the the whole of this very revealing interview go to:

Carl Clark Expose’

That describes the covert targeting of a person who attempted to leave the intelligence world. What he was subjected to was very similar to the targeting that TIs describe, most of whom have little understanding of that world, as is the case with me.
Further evidence that some in governments are using these methods comes from documents leaked by Edward Snowden. In particular there is exposure of the programs that can be used to disrupt internet activity, and that many TIs have experienced. see:



So, we TIs can’t be precise about who is doing it to us, but We can point in the general direction of our perps. And, at those who would most likely know about it, and should be dealing with such gross abuse of fellow humans.