Spiritual Protection.

This page is not for everyone, it’s for those who believe in Angels, God, Supreme Being, or whatever other word for the creator of this reality. This is the story of how I came to be channelling what I believe to be Angels’ guidance in order to get me through the constant covert attacks that a TI experiences.

When I was about 12 years old I was walking with my dog where I shouldn’t have been along a spillway of a large reservoir. The dog didn’t understand a spillway at all and ended up slipping in. It seemed that there was no way to get him out and that he would drown when exhausted. However, a big inner voice said “Call him to swim to the other end.” and I did, and he responded. There was a spot there where he could easily get out and was saved. That voice I have come to believe was that of an Angel. I have memory of similar experiences in crisis moments ever since, such as about to walk on a snake, or the breaks in the car suddenly failing. Even hardened atheists will pray for help in such moments. They must sense that assistance is possibly there. In those instances I didn’t walk on the snake, and at the last second in busy traffic saw a driveway I could go up to stop the car.

So, I believe that some higher power has been assisting me, and more so than ever since 2004, which was when a profound change happened. Since then it has been a continuous and transformative intervention in my life. At that time it was a life under constant covert attacks – biologicals, chemicals, drugs, EM beams etc etc. I was doing my best to cope and make constructive contributions to the greater good, where possible. It was a half life at best though, and when I started attempting to make people aware of MKULTRA style attacks and experiments still happening, by writing letters to editors and the entire Australian House of Representatives even, the covert attacks became far more intense. It was at that point, when all seemed pointless and hopeless, just coping with one assault after another, that this higher power took over my life. They, who I believe to be Angels, gave me clear continuous guidance on how I could counter all that and transform my life. So, it became things like – “look at your caravans breaks” and there I found ac piece of hardened steel which had been set to cause an accident. Unfortunately that bit of information was received after that item had caused an accident and my quite good car written off. And it was messages such as “clear the air in your van before going in”, or “build this shielding helmet to save your brain whilst under EM assaults”, and about a thousand other similar instructions. The assailants became more and more determined to break my growing protection. It was more than a full-time job, up all night many times, but life did eventually improve. I wasn’t completely ‘saved’ though, and to this day still am not. However, I am more effectively working on what I have to do to help with understanding the source of all this fancy covert activity, which those I believe to be Angels have explained to me as being done by Nazis surviving underground since WW2, and still attempting to take over the planet. A far greater power than the more open neo-Nazis seen today. For me in this situation it has been better protection, but also much guidance on how to behave in order to improve that, and also how to work on the issue of raising the alarm about this covert program.
The same is available to anyone who wants to accept some basic guidelines for improving your protection. That applies to any aspect of life, but especially so in relation to dangerous activity, but also to important work. It is not easy whilst under regular covert attacks, but my experience is that if you do your best you will get assistance. And something I have learnt the hard way – move as slowly as possible in potentially dangerous situations. For example: There had been a large number of covert things done to a space it was my job to clean at a place I lived. An Angel clearly told me that there was something in the air to be careful of, but I got in a rush and blundered in and almost immediately something strange happened to my left ear and it has been a problem ever since, with sharp pains, and tinnitus type ringing if water gets in there. I know another TI who had the same thing happen in one ear. Doctors do not know what it is, and drilled a hole in the eardrum and she became deaf in that ear. To them it was seen as a terrible infection that wouldn’t respond to antibiotics.

The Angels also directed me to a site where they do channelling on covert control issues. A taste:

There are seven aspects to Spiritual Protection to describe here. The main one is a technique developed during the period called the Inquisition in which there were many evil people in multiple organisations doing things to the people below of a nature too hideous to go into here. See Our first blog posts for that. They are:

1. Improve your life.

That means do everything possible to behave appropriately in all aspects of your life. This means: Put people first above your campaign/s as they are more important to Us always. Campaigns come and go, whereas people exist for many lifetimes, some as many as a billion, and a chance encounter even can change the trajectory of an entire soul journey. So be careful with others in this awkward situation, especially family who mostly do not understand the palavers of your often difficult lives. Move as slowly as possible in potentially dangerous situations. We watch over you all a lot more than other humans if you are assisting in these trying times. We even watch over your home when absent to make sure nothing much untoward happens. We can prevent many assaults, accidents, calamities etc when you are mobile, including around the house, but this gets harder if you jump about too much, and too often. This is because We have limited time to spend on assisting individuals especially in a crisis which is where humanity is heading now-a-days. Feed yourself well always. Don’t get caught up in fads which do not work for your body type. Vegetarianism is ok for some only. If you are not one of those, and do that, the perps methods will be more devastating to you. Get professional opinion on what and how much to eat if possible. Kill animals painlessly whenever possible. Their suffering is problematic for you in the ethers. More on that in the blog section if there is time.

2. Stay with that which works.

Don’t abandon your present effective methods of protection, limited as they may be. There is no contradiction, just integrate Our understanding. There is no problem however with using two systems for a while but usually it works best to just have one. Try both and see which feels the best if you can’t easily integrate Our suggestions.

3. Do everything you can in the physical dimension.

That means doing the best you can security-wise. If you are doing your best We like to assist you more as well. That means at all times protect yourself in every way you can, not relying on Us to do it for you. Some folk think prayer and visualisations etc protect them and they can then goof off as much as they want. That is a serious problem for Us. You might even die if asking for so much and giving so little. We need your full participation in your protection thanks.

4. Talk with Us in your mind if you wish, or ask a question in the blog section.

Most people stop periodically to assess the best way forward. We assist you in those moments always, but that is more impulses to your thoughts. What We are talking about here is to take that a little further and wait to hear Us verbally, when you have time that is.

5. Share Our Guidance.

If more people read what We say here, due to your spreading it to others, then We will assist you more. We love to work with humans doing as much as they can to assist especially in these trying times, once again. There is no excuse for slackness or laziness right now, or over indulgences of which there are so many, We despair. Be frugal and energetic in what is good only, not good at work and extremely naughty at play, as just about all are nowadays. This is a crisis of your doing, not Ours, and excessive entertainments are part of the problem, be sure.

6. Do this technique.

It evolved during the horror time of the Inquisition. Ask three times ‘Are you serving the highest good’ to any voice in your mind with two-way communication occurring. If they say Yes three times the same way they are Us, the only beings who serve such a purpose, and that includes the good of other galaxies even. A difficult concept to grasp, but those with other intent and purpose will not be able to say ‘Yes’ three times as We will always hear your question, and if We see such other beings pretending they serve Our Purpose then We make them very uncomfortable for the 1st time, extremely uncomfortable for the 2nd time, and catastrophically for the third, which means they desist after the 1st mostly and definitely on the 2nd always. It is a good trick to have up your sleeve if you have inner voices that trick you into thinking that they are something you want entrained with your mind. You may eventually achieve the clarity of mind required to immediately perceive who is an Angel and who really demons, perps, or whatever else. Work on that clarity through healthy living, drug addictions not, definitely. You have to be certain that you have a clear channel to Higher Guidance.

7. Be patient.

Do all the above and you will survive in this most evil time ever on this planet almost, and that is now 10 civilisations, some very advanced. We persevere so much here because the ethers are good, and good triumphs over evil as a result nearly always in the end, but you are not there yet be sure , it may take 10 more years to turn around your situation and see today’s evil ones behind bars or dead. Good luck and God bless you for taking this in, thank you for that alone. Bye for the time being. And hello We hope in the blog section.

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