Degradation of this!

All of my attempts at websites on this difficult subject get degraded constantly. I keep fixing them, but they always get enough sabotage to make them look amateurish at best. Some images wont display, extra spacing appears between paragraphs, or the paragraphs run together. The content is usually understandable with a bit of extra attention, except when chunks of text are copied and pasted further down. With work that might be decipherable, but would be more effort than could be hoped for from a reader.

It is impossible to fix these degraded posts. What I continually do is start again in a new post. I might be able to restore the site with a backup copy, but I am not efficient enough to have that always up to date. And no doubt that would also become an endless routine that I don’t have time for. The result is degraded communication about a degraded life. Difficult to read about entirely.

Thanks for reading, I hope.