Neural Implants?

Many Tis believe that they have been covertly implanted with a device that facilitates a forced telepathic interface with their mind. This seemed to happen to me in 1986. I noticed that I often had a very sharp pain at a precise point behind the left eye. When looking in the mirror the left side of my face seemed disturbingly different. It’s a subtle thing others might not notice, and has been dramatized at EUCACH facebook .

I didn’t see it as an implant at first, but did experience telepathic interrogation starting around that time, and also occasionally I would wake up in the night experiencing a very mechanical and regularly oscillating visual signal at that spot, a 4 to 5 times a second alternating horizontal and vertical stretched out ellipse is the closest I can describe it. All of this continues much the same to this day. The sharp pain comes and goes, often in relation to something I am thinking or doing, a bit like Delgado’s bull , but only slightly modifying my behaviour rather than being fully controlling. Also, I have noticed that weird look on one side of the head in another person, whom I met on a boating trip. Mine seems to be less noticeable now and the voices are experienced differently, it is easier to ignore the intrusion, and even sometimes turn the tables on them, but essentially it has been much the same treatment for 32 years.

The telepathic interrogation in the beginning was very intense and would often occur in difficult situations like negotiating busy traffic. I would be told things about people I know, which stimulated thoughts about them. It was impossible not to give what I knew of people, but fortunately, as far as I know, there was very little if anything of interest to glean; the people that I had been involved with politically, mainly to do with housing and urban planning, were doing things up front. The interrogation period didn’t last long and the voices then did other things; tormenting, especially when doing difficult tasks, attempting to distort perceptions of people and events in my life, mimicking people I know, debating issues of the day, etc. It was very enraging and confusing, but I managed to learn to live with it, not lose my temper, or lose touch with reality, and kept on having an active life involved with voluntary and paid work.

It was not until I made contact with other TIs in North America that I came to believe that what I had been experiencing could be facilitated by a neural implant, unwittingly inserted. I have not been in a position to be tested for that, however others experiencing similar covert targeting methods have been, and there seems to be clear evidence of a device, or devices, emitting microwaves. A report prepared by ICAACT concluded that people believing they were experiencing symptoms due to an implant, when tested in a shielded environment, were found to be emitting microwaves:

The same test that was conducted on the symptomatic group was also conducted on 2 control persons that did not experience symptoms. This points to a correlation between the experienced symptoms and the emission of RF signal, with an as yet unknown and unspecified transmitter source. The difference in test results between the symptomatic and non-symptomatic test group, is highly significant, not least because the findings showed emissions of RF signals from all 14 symptomatic persons tested and no RF signals from the two non-symptomatic control persons tested. See: Phaselll-Report

Surely there is enough indication of something very strange happening to those testing as emitting microwaves? Enough to justify further investigation and media coverage, of which there has been almost none. Yet another mysterious phenomena not being dealt with.

If you put together the experienced ‘symptoms’ of a forced telepathic communication (they being able to hear all of our thoughts , with us only hearing what they communicate to us, as many TIs describe it), and the fact that some TIs have been tested as transmitting an RF signal, then surely it has to be the conclusion that there is a device acting as a transmitter and a receiver of thought? This mind intrusion to so many has to be regarded as an atrocity, by democratic world standards, surely?


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